11 January 2010

Improvised Transportation

A motorized sidecar with an automobile's steering wheel.

This is the Philippines! Our famous jeepneys were born out of improvisation, and continue to harbor so many possibilities for customization and tweaking. The land of stuff like that and homemade skateboards and such also has very cool "enhanced" bicycles in its inner life of warehouses, cheap bagsakans and ports.

Overloading? What is that?

Notice that every area has different standard designs. The above for the warehousing district, while the "reseller haven" Divisoria has room for passengers (owners of sari-sari stores and businesses), but the standard pedicab chairs are elevated for cargo storage under. The photo below is a repost.)

The Divi pedicabs. No more goods-in-your-face squeezing into the passenger compartment.

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