20 January 2010

Tropical Snowballs

To melt mid-air.

My first encounter of snow, during a visit to Lake Tahoe when I was 11 years old, was a huge disappointment. Heartbreaking, even. Thanks to cheesy American greeting cards and cartoons, I had expected fluffy, cotton candy-like material that I could collapse into and lay in for happy hours on end. Instead, snow was cold, and, later into the day, it was wet. My clothes were soaking, and besides, we saw tracks of a very large feline, so I made my way back into the car.

And what of my first snowball fight before the retreat? It was pretty similar to the ones we had back here, by scraping the ice off the walls of the freezer, and shaping those into little balls before they melted on contact with the tropical air.

Ice shaving machine.

And how to replicate without a freezer? The ice shaving machines for making cool summer treats like halo-halo (every barangay has one).

I can never resist a group of huddled children. They are always onto something good.


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