15 April 2009

SF Street Food

The crème brûlée cart. Photo from Don H. at Yelp.

I have been hearing from various sources living in the "other city I sort of inhabit" that there is a something of a street food movement coming about in San Francisco, California. Using serious word-of-mouth and Twitter, the crème brûlée cart and the Magic Curry Kart have been popping up (together, yep wow, rumor has it they are brothers) with mobile food production units at Dolores and Linda to sell fresh and relatively cheap delicious things to munch on.

The Magic Curry Kart. Photo from Don H. at Yelp.

It fills my heart with unexplainable joy and excitement as I think about how many more people who cook good food in the city will hit the streets when and where they wish, keeping their costs variable and their overhead nil. Carts like these are able to harness the advantages of a densely populated and walking city. Read a roundup SF street food outfits here.

On a related note. some friends and I have been throwing around (but not doing much about it) the idea of peddling Pinoy home-baked sandwiches, spring rolls with foraged greens, and herbed peanuts on buses and busy hubs of the gritty Metro Manila cities. Because doing this (or even preparing food traditionally) is a bit expensive in a city that doesn't produce much, I don't imagine anyone can make much money off this, but it is a worthwhile experiment to shake things up in the roving street food scene, as well as bring quality food to people.

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