19 April 2012

Indonesian False Flower Signage

Fake flowers form letters.
"Congratulations / Grand Opening / Samsung Mobile / from Phu Hie Hai"
Instead of displaying large funeral-type congratulatory flower bouquet stands outside a doorway of a newly-opened shop, Indonesians have a practice of taking the flowers apart and arranging them in letters on large signage, and lining the streets with those. It's buttering up by a folk type of advertising, kind of a more beautiful "streamer predilection" than the Marawi version.

They remind me of fiesta decor made from corn husk and all that stuff. Except they're commonplace, and obviously haven't been replaced by the dreaded tarpaulin printers. And that is a nice thing. Although the flowers are fake.

"Congratulations / On Opening / Samsung Mobile / from Flamez 72"-- Nice touch with the umbrella.
Closer shot.
"Congratulations / On Opening / Samsung Mobile / from Batam Cellular"

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