04 January 2011

Old Tagaytay

Colorful Donut variation of ugly Philippine streetlamps.

Tagaytay ("Probably The Most Pleasant City in Asia!") has a Starbucks now, a large Robinson's grocery, more commercial restaurants than you can shake a stick at, and a (dreaded) upcoming SM highrise. In the past ten years, traffic has developed along the main road, and the famous garish streetlamps have poked their way in.

70s tablecloth and furry seats.

And then we take a turn into an old house belonging to Rob's grandparents. It was once bustling, housing guests frequently. Now, amid the development directly around it, the house is usually empty.

Bold 70s fabric.

Margie, the caretaker's daughter, an ornate, almost Aztec-like chair.

The house bears a quiet and motley mix of old religious antiques, 70s fabrics, trinkets, and amendments by the current permanent residents-- the caretakers. It has the best view along the ridge.

Dresser by the veranda old wooden chair.

... that bears a made-in-China Dragon Cat chair cushion.

Star pillow.

Butterfly wing artwork.

Volcano's mouth, with fish pens.

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