15 February 2012

A Vendor and His Signs

A stylized male underwear price board, made with scrap paper and a marker..

I hear it gets boring sitting around all day waiting for people to buy your wares. I've also been told that if you're going to do something, might as well do it well.

Vendor and ornamentation enthusiast.
Working to fill dead time and attract customers.
A coinpurse price sign, covered in plastic. Note the soft shading between letters and as numbers' shadowing.

09 February 2012

Makeshift Muscles, Part V

There is something that has been intriguing me, and that is: warehouse worker culture--the habits of those inhabiting (not just working in, like say construction workers) predominantly male and sparsely populated, very bleak environments.

In this particular Taguig warehouse, there is an exercise area (a sort of "home gym") with improvised weights (and other pieces of equipment). It never ceases to amaze me how one sort of person generates excuses to dodge breaking a sweat, while another goes through the process of pouring concrete into cans and getting the metal bar dead center, and all that stuff.

A filled paint can barbell. On it rests a strange chest pull.

The chest pull could easily be made of a bike pump's bar and a cable protector enclosing a spring...

... And stirrups from an unkown machine. A frankenchestpull? Or just an odd old improvised product?
A vintage overhead pulley machine.
With a plastic rope to replace a steel force on one side.

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