30 June 2010

Street Colors

A couple of vegetable stalls.

A man waits at what I like to call a "mini-deria".

Frighteningly colored pampalamig or cooling drinks, like aguas frescas.

A sari-sari store sponsored by both Coke and Pepsi.

Mother-in-law's tongue planted in a row.

Rainbow ginebra.

One of the many public declarations of personal attractiveness in public scrawlings.

Nice hues.

22 June 2010

Today's Jeepney Mudguards

Don $ Pulubi (pulubi = beggar)

Something "new" in my life.

14 June 2010


Swastika countered on bus upholstery.

In the bus ride to Leksand, the driver said through a microphone: "I beg you, take your seatbelts, it is a law here in Sweden to take them."

13 June 2010

Sveriges Nationaldag

National Day of Sweden last June 6. Dat yellow cross flag be everywhere in Stockholm.

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